Track Record (of people)

There will be evidence that justifies what the source says! You cannot just go by what the source is speaking. That’s where gossip stems from.

A resume is like a track record because it shows if it’s any consistency or reliability on your part to prove whether or not what you put on the application is true.

So, financially, relationally, professionally etc. you should always check the track record. That doesn’t mean keeping a count of all the wrong someone has done against you! Use wisdom and discernment in every choice and decision. Line it up with the word of God.

Psalm 5:9 For there is nothing trustworthy or reliable or truthful in what they say; Their heart is destruction [just a treacherous chasm, a yawning gulf of lies]. Their throat is an open grave; They glibly flatter with their [silken] tongue.

Does the track record consist of superficial, insincere or smoothly persuasive characteristics? Do you see a pattern of manipulation, lying or victim mentality?

Check the track record!!!


Published by M.I.S.F.I.T

Having taken a leap faith, my goal is to reach the unreachable by planting seeds of encouragement through storytelling!

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