The Difference Between Decisions & Solutions

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Photo Credit: Anna Shvets

I recently had this light bulb moment of where I missed the mark when it came to making decisions and coming up with solutions. Before going further, I want to highlight a few synonyms for these words.

Decision: resolution, conclusion, determination, decree / Solution: recommendation, relief, remedy

So, as you can see both words go hand in hand, but let me share a powerful perspective with you! Could it be possible you’re coming up with solutions instead of making much needed decisions? For example, I see so many teachers quitting because of lack of support. Many of them feel overlooked, overworked, and most definitely underpaid. Some have tried coming up with solutions to try to alleviate the stress of teacher/sub shortages and budget cuts to name a few, while we’re all still in a pandemic. That’s where the line is drawn and they’ve decided to make a decision.

Personally, I am now having to assess my personal life. I realized that I have made the mistake of using solutions in places that needed a resolution. I’ve held jobs longer than I was supposed to and tolerated relationships with no reciprocity from my investment. I was convicted because it boiled down to me coming up short for stepping ahead of God. This is why its so important to make constant audits of our lives throughout the year not just each New Year Day!

Where have you made decisions that just needed a solution?

It can be a bit tricky, but taking a moment to step back you’ll definitely see the clear path ahead. Recently, both of my kids were struggling with a specific lesson in math. They attended live zooms, joined help sessions and practiced problems, but still struggled. I allow them the opportunity to self-advocate. In past, they’ve been told they couldn’t retake a test or do it in a different way. This virtual school is by far one of the best decisions and scariest I’ve made as a parent. Talk about a leap of faith! After talking with teachers & resource helpers, we came up with….

That’s right a solution to help meet their needs! A recommendation was given to allow them both the opportunity to retake the tests for a better grade by administering them in a new way. So, instead of fill-in-the blank or multiple choice it became a fun interactive PowerPoint. This allowed them to work out problems on the screen once the lesson was retaught. They both made better scores and I received precious smiles!! I hope this helps you review choices and where you need to make the solution or decision! I encourage you to read Psalm chapter one because we must follow His leading in all things.

“God charts the road you take. The road they take leads to nowhere.” Psalm 1:6 MSG version


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Having taken a leap faith, my goal is to reach the unreachable by planting seeds of encouragement through storytelling!

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