It’s Time To Clean Up 🧽

My dirty dishes on counter

Isn’t it something how circumstances can seemingly pile up in your life!

Some things may not have been addressed when you thought they would be. Resolutions were made, but life’s demands got the best of you. Then, there’s the weight of decisions piling up. Kinda like my dirty dishes above. Before you know it, you must make a proactive choice to deal with it.

Now, let’s be honest, if I would have allowed my dirty dishes to continue to pile up, there would eventually be chaos. Some cups might fall and if my family needed something in particular, it might not have been readily available!

In life, we must make the time to clean up. That is taking the necessary steps to solve problems, commit to incorporating balance and being intentional about wanting to be our best selves. Making progress is better than not! Remember not making a decision is still making a decision!

Well, how exactly do I do that? 🤷🏽‍♀️

You do it by faith all while being honest about where you are and where you’re trying to be. Use your notes in your phone, set reminders in your phone calendar, use different colored sticky notes to remind you of what you need to focus on first. Be practical with your daily schedule to avoid burnout. This applies to any area of your life not just cleaning. 🧽 (that’s just a visual)

Through the course of this particular day pictured above, I allowed things to pile up because I wasn’t practical in setting my day realistically. Then, I was too tired to clean up.

I did it anyway! I made the decision to take care of something that just needed to be done.

Cleaning my dishes yay 😃

Life throws curve balls at us sometimes, but it’s how we look at it and come up with a game plan to handle it. For me, it’s setting aside time before I even start my day to meditate and pray. I read a scripture from the Bible to encourage me. Then, I proceed ready to accomplish all that is set before me. Even if it involves washing dishes! 😅

So, when life feels like it’s piling up. Do me a favor and take the step.


Published by M.I.S.F.I.T

Having taken a leap faith, my goal is to reach the unreachable by planting seeds of encouragement through storytelling!

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