Conquer Covid with Christ

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God can meet a need you didn’t know needed met. It shouldn’t take a crisis to develop for your mental well being to be taken into consideration. Sometimes it’s hard to see the actual beauty beneath those burning ashes. I’ve had my fair share. Disappointments, misunderstood, overlooked intentionally and sudden setbacks.

Even in the midst of Covid-19, I took time during this quarantine to see how truly blessed I am. Everyone has a different story and not one of them should be weighted more differently than the other. This pandemic slowed me down a bit to do something like just watch my children sleep.

I appreciate getting dressed to go somewhere because my limbs move. I know across the states, many are filled with anxiety, fear, worry, and stress beyond belief. Constantly replaying where the unknown (Corona) raveling in the air is headed next because you can’t trace it. I encourage you to make time to look for beauty you have that busyness didn’t grant you to see. Before you do that, ask yourself, does Christ reign inside of me? You can do nothing apart from Him and to accept His love brings light and liberty. Be still a moment and draw close to the one who died for you and for me!

Read Matthew 11:25-28

Crashing Into Creativity

I was listening to an interesting conversation with a panel of people discussing the latest crisis around the world. There were so many golden nuggets given. One key point that jumped out is the fact that two different perspectives will arise.

Crisis will either birth desperation or innovation! Which will you choose?

I know its hard for many and am sensitive to every individual’s needs. I encourage you to crash into creativity and birth a unique form of change.

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Go on, you’ve got this!!

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FIGHT will amplify, deepen, sharpen, magnify, boost, intensify, increase, raise, aggravate and reinforce a change in a situation, but you must have FAITH!

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